MEHSANA campus

Anand Niketan Mehsana, a second home and also a very special for children and also parents, teachers and staff.  The school not only helps the children by providing freedom to grow as a person, but also it helps the children by providing the with support, mentally, physically and emotionally. We believe that only by giving respect, we can get respect and hence we give our children respect, love & care and also expect the same from them.  The school focuses on making the children good listeners, stay focused and always ready to face challenges without any fear or hesitations,

As education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world we train the students not only academically but we also train them how to become always be ready to accept changes, adapt to them and importantly how to constantly face the challenges in a right way. Our principle, Mrs. Kalyani Dave, has to say, “Education is what we can apply in our day to day life positively and where here mind is without fear”.

Being formed in 2009, this school has smart boards installed in classrooms and hence are called smart class. ‘Technology will never replace teachers but the teachers who don’t use technology will be replaced by those who do’. Smart classes allow teachers to teach children in their own ways and by using the smart boards to teach the children in a better, practical way. This is also what children want to have. Only theoretical knowledge will not help the children every time, the children have to learn practically and hence the school has a science lab, social science lab, math lab and computer lab to promote practical knowledge. The school also possesses a great library with books meant for all to read. Playground helps the children play a variety of sports and also the freedom to run, play and do whatever they want.

The school has loads of facilities and also a variety of activities planned for the children. The school offers CBSE board and also offers the children to choose the activities they want to do (Football, Basketball, Volley ball, Skating-gymnastics, Guitar, Chess, Folk dance, Western dance, Classical music, etc.) The school promotes leadership, sportsman spirit and teamwork thathelp the children in many manners.

All opinions of children in the school are discussed and respected and every student is equally important for the school. A major achievement of the school is that all children participate in activities without any fear or hesitation.

The school also celebrates many events like Independence Day, Janmashtmi, Green Day Event, Navratri, Health check ups, Diwali, etc. The school organizes many field trips for children.